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Jaguars on the Island (JOTI) is a special gathering!

Based in Victoria BC Canada, our premier summer event, Jaguars on the Island (JOTI), is the largest annual Jaguar show in North America. In 2022, JOTI will be held Friday July 22 through Sunday July 24, with our Concours d’Elegance on Saturday July 23 at Windsor Park. Whether you join us for the full weekend or just the Saturday Concours, please register your Jaguar here.

Jaguar on the Island, 2022
The JCCV was founded in 2003

JCCV is affiliated to the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA); while most members are on Vancouver Island, we have members around the Pacific Rim and across Canada. Membership in the JCCV is open to anyone enthusiastic about Jaguars and there is no need to own one of these fine cars to be a member. If you believe that a Jaguar is more than just a car, you are one of us!

We’re a social organization. While we aim to provide our members with a connection to automotive services and a shared knowledge base for maintenance and restoration, we also strive to host activities and events that engage all members of the family (and not just the automotive engineers).

Every Jaguar, from daily driver to concours-class winner is both welcome and wanted on the field at Windsor Park on Saturday July 23. Join us July 22-24 for the full activities.

When you register for JOTI you will have the opportunity to select either the Enthusiast class or one of the Concours classes. For the Enthusiast class the preparation of the car is simple: you may wash it – or not! That’s it.

Your personal sense of pride might want to make a vacuuming desirable but you should feel absolutely no obligation to do anything more – this is a stress-free, fun day at the park in the company of other Jaguar enthusiasts and you have the opportunity of doing what Jaguar owners like to do: talk about their pride and joy!

Every Jaguar is beautiful and every Jaguar wants to be in the company of more than 100 others.
2022 JOTI - Victoria BC

But if you are interested in having your car judged according to the rules of Jaguar Clubs of North America, the following information may be useful.

A Concours d’Élégance (from the French meaning a competition of elegance referring to the gathering of prestigious cars) is a gathering of automobiles in specifically defined classes and divisions strictly judged on their appearance, authenticity and condition. Under the rules of Jaguar Clubs of North America, vehicles are judged in either “Champion Division” or “Driven Division”.

In the latter, the engine compartment and boot (trunk) of the cars are not judged and rules regarding authenticity are not quite as strict as they are for “Champion Division” cars. But in both the Championship and the Driven division, the owner’s preparation of the car is important – anything that is seen must be clean and, ideally, in a condition as close to new as possible (one of the reasons that most JOTI entrants choose Enthusiast class!). And if the owner chooses to participate in other JCNA Concours events elsewhere, the scores obtained will make the car eligible for Regional or North American awards.

Our JCCV member cars have a history of both Regional and North American championships.

Your Jaguar will spend the day with its pack at Windsor Park and owners will enjoy the lush green grass, plenty of shade trees, and an adjacent rose garden, and proximity to Oak Bay Village. There will be a silent auction, food facilities, a tea tent, and ice cream available.

All Jaguars are gorgeous, and all are welcome, from the most meticulously restored show car to the most experienced daily driver, from the oldest to the newest model right out of the show room.

Jaguar Victoria will have a display of new models for your inspection.

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